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Board News


Leaders Gathering 2017 feedback and AGM


Hello from your chair, Robert Stocks

You may have heard about the fabulous Koonjawerre InterPlay Leaders Gathering last September. As usual attendees were asked for feedback which overwhelmingly was appreciative and positive reflecting the great experiences people shared. A few issues were raised at the AGM that your Board has since discussed and I want to share our thinking with you

The Board feel the most practical way to engage our Leaders Circle community in an AGM is to hold it at the Leader’s Gathering events. Though not all Leaders Circle members are in attendance it is a practical and timely way to discuss issues that may impact on the InterPlay Australia Community. There are opportunities for sharing and discovery and for real two way conversation.  We always have the option to take issues on notice and do a wider consultation with the community before signing off on any major issues.

The Board remains committed to continuing to conduct AGM business as concisely as possible.

From other feedback we recognise the community performance aspect of the weekend is very popular and will ensure the opportunities for play and performance are an essential ingredient in future Leaders Gatherings.

The dates are set for 2018 Leaders Gathering being Friday 7 September to Sunday 9 September at Galong Conference facility outside of Canberra ACT (So look out for cheap flights).

Adelaide have put up their hand to host the 2019 Leaders Gathering.


Jocelyn Fairley

Thanks Robert. This is great - great to hear from you and to see stuff raised being visibly addressed

Trish Watts

Appreciate you discussing points raised, & yes to keeping Performance Night. Interplay as a community performance art is a core part of what IP can offer. The leaders gathering is an important space for leaders to express & play at an inspiring level for & with each other. Thanks

Janet Pfeiffer

Hi, I am doing an InterPlay session for a business and they require a copy of my InterPlay public liability insurance certificate. Do you know where or who I could get a copy from? I only have the receipt for my insurance payment. Cheers Janet Pfeiffer xx

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