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New Zealand SummerPlay 2018


Kia Ora from NZ/Aotearoa!


We summerplayed the 2018 series to a joy-full culmination in Christchurch. Thanks gracious Trish, you were the pathfinder for our flock, the wind beneath our wings, the seeder of songs and prompter of poems, keeper of the pulse and great fun to hang out with. Such creativity and connection, glee and gladness you inspired.

 Our group was small but almost all did the three days, and we now have 11 players who have achieved the Secrets initiation. This fact shifts the prospect of holding a Life Practice training in New Zealand beyond wishful thinking!

One of our number was a traveller about to return to her native Germany. This was her first InterPlay experience, and she is fired up to connect with InterPlayers in Europe.


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