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SummerPlay 2018 Report


fabulous feedback


Trish Fairley wrote a report for the InterPlay Australia Board as the National Coordinator for SummerPlay 2018. Here are some extracts from her report.

There was unanimous agreement that Phil and Trish led brilliantly. It was commented on many times on how skilful, confident and equal they felt together and how wonderfully complementary they were in their offerings. As one local coordinator said ‘having 2 strong, clear leaders is really great - it builds trust, depth and coherence’

The theme of social change was held lightly and consistently and, as one Canberra person observed, it wasn’t only deep in terms of content but led to play that was literally ‘deep'

The flyer was described as awesome and beautiful and was well designed for sending as an email.

The venues and the catering worked well in all three locations. The Community/Performance nights were well attended and provided family and friends with tantalising glimpses of what InterPlay is about.

The Board is looking for the person who will be the National SummerPlay Coordinator for 2019 so now is the time to be considering whether you would like to apply for this important position.

SummerPlay 2019

Looking forward to 2019 here are some things to think about:

Where will the SummerPlays be held?

Who will lead SummerPlay 2019?

Who will be the National Coordinator?

Who will be the local Coordinators?

If you would like to be involved in organising a wonderful Summerplay for 2019 please email


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