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Website Redevelopment Project


InterPlay Australia needs a new website


The InterPlay Australia Board is looking to set up a team of volunteers to work with a Web Developer, the Administration Coordinator and the Board liaison person to produce a fresh website built on a user-friendly platform; and incorporating event and database management.

The current website is built on old technology that has had problems and will increasingly need expensive patching up to maintain functionality. 



The Board will engage a Web Developer to produce a fresh website on a modern, user-friendly platform (examples include but are not limited to Wordpress, Wild Apricot & Wix as these products promise quick, easy and intuitive user interfaces). The website will also incorporate event management functionality, database management, and social media interfaces.

A volunteer Solution Development Team will be established from the InterPlay community to:

  • work as a tight knit team on all details of the website's redevelopment.
  • liaise with the National Board through an identified Board representative
  • liaise with the selected Web Developer to expand the Board’s high-level Prioritised Requirements List down to a Detailed Requirements List
  • ensure the Web Developer fulfills, resolves and advises on all requirements.
  • make the minutiae decisions of the development process with advice from the Web Developer and the Board if required.
  • report progress to the Board at agreed, predefined milestones.

Solution Development Team structure 

Ideally, the Solution Development Team will represent diverse backgrounds in age, race, gender etc and will include:

  • The Administration Coordinator - Sue Sheridan, who curently administers the website 
  • Person with artistic or design experience.
  • Person with broad or deep website and/or social media experience.
  • Person with little/no web experience (ensure an accessible, user-friendly site).

To be part of this exciting adventure please contact Sue at


Trish Fairley

Only saw this by chance. Could a national mail out be organised to capture a broad audience? Tx

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