InterPlay classes begin with gentle voice and body warm-up exercises. A typical class teaches a number of InterPlay “forms” which are step by step ways for playing with movement, stories and voice. The forms are easy-to-learn and often involve interaction with at least one or a few other people. They provide great ways to connect easily with others in a safe and structured environment.

This process provides a fun and creative way to bring together your whole self (body, mind, heart and spirit). You won’t be put “on the spot” and can choose your level of involvement You get to play a lot with your own life “information.” Sometimes it might simply be a fun story of what you had for breakfast.

You don’t need to think of yourself as being creative in order to do InterPlay, but chances are you will find you are much more creative than you thought.

InterPlay is firmly based in looking for the good. In everyday life criticism is often an all too present reality. Interplay encourages acceptance and reflection so we can really explore our personal creativity and potential in all aspects of life.


InterPlay is an integrated and playful process of personal development; a creative spur for artists and performers; a grounding in wholeness for health professionals; a dynamic learning tool for business consultants; a form of community theatre; a means of developing your leadership style; a powerful, spiritual and embodied form of life discernment; a mentoring process for clearly establishing life goals.

InterPlay processes will develop your abilities:

  • to express yourself
  • to play again and simply have fun
  • to connect and collaborate with others
  • to make stuff up on the spot
  • to expand your personal awareness
  • to find your creative power
  • to recognise your leadership potential


Unlock the wisdom of your body!

The InterPlay Life Practice Program is an active, creative way to change your life and change your world. Immerse yourself in the system of InterPlay—ideas and practices that can move you from where you are to where you would like to be.

You will be meeting regularly over a period of time with a group of fellow InterPlayers. You may use this supportive, affirming community to help you shape your life in ways that are best for you. You will get individual attention from the Program leaders who will help you identify your personal desires and intentions.

Although some previous experience with InterPlay is encouraged, there are no prerequisites for taking part in the InterPlay Life Practice Program.

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  1. Artfulness and Play: Involvement in a total of 50 hours of accumulated play, preferably through at least one Intensive program as well as workshops and weekly classes.
  2. The Secrets of InterPlay: a workshop focusing on the InterPlay philosophy and Life Practice skills.
  3. Life Practice Group Meetings: There will be a number of weekends for the Life Practice group spread over the year (Friday night and all day Saturday). This will provide an opportunity for advanced focus sessions and mentoring in various InterPlay forms.
  4. Creative reflections: A series of reflections in either written, visual (photographic, video, collage, art,  YouTube etc.) or auditory (songs, narrated stories etc.) format are to be completed as part of the Life Practice Program. This will enhance your ability to articulate your experience of InterPlay and apply InterPlay insights to your own life. You will then receive affirming feedback from your ‘Creative Reflections’ mentor.
  5. Mentoring: Three focus sessions will be offered to each participant that will centre on personal creativity and the discernment of life goals. These take place at the Life Practice Group Meetings.
  6. Practice of InterPlay: At the end of the Life Practice Program participants will share a short presentation/performance using InterPlay forms.


$900 Members

$950 Non-members

n.b. fees are paid in instalments and may be subject to change.

For more information please contact enquiries@interplayaus.com.au.au