InterPlay Australia Strategic Vision 2018-2022

Strategic Vision 2018-2022

Revised: May 2018

InterPlay Australia is a vibrant, inclusive and evolving community that affirms and fosters the wisdom and creativity of the body through play. We seek to provide opportunities for individuals and groups to find a more expressive sense of wholeness, connection and joy.

The InterPlay Australia Board seeks to be responsible for the oversight of the vision, in collaboration with contracted administrative and other professional services as required, Regional Contacts and national InterPlayers. The Board appoints and supports individuals to specific roles and functions (for example Leaders Circle Cordinator) towards the pursuit of the vision.

InterPlay Australia is a community-based not-for-profit organisation.






Signposts for 2018-2022

As a community of diverse players in a variety of contexts, the following four signposts serve as a common focus for the next four years and beyond. They describe a vision of who we are and who we are becoming.


InterPlay Australia is a vibrant, inclusive and evolving community where everybody is welcome with the gifts they bring. At its core InterPlay is relational in its structure and practice with community as its backbone. It is in community with one another that we are seen, known and understood.
The local and national communities are sustained through regular nurturing play and practice. We seek and invite others to share and enrich our practice through new collaborations.

This will be achieved through maintaining and developing:

  • Classes, workshops and playgroups
  • Regional Contacts
  • Summer Play
  • Reflective practice retreats
  • Giving and receiving of Focus Sessions
  • Marketing and networking through existing and new media (eg website, national e-newsletter, social networking)


InterPlay Australia fosters artistic capacity, and opportunities for artistic expression. We seek wellbeing through the playful integration of the five freedom paths (voicing, moving, telling, connecting and being). Each person engages with their own body wisdom at their own pace in the context of community. InterPlay is art for all and art for self. It encourages artists in their playful life- leading and in honing their craft. It provides a body of witnesses for all to be seen, heard and felt.

This will be achieved through maintaining and developing:

  • Life Practice Program
  • Individual artistic projects that we foster and support
  • Opportunities for focus sessions and mentoring
  • Partnerships with complementary modalities (e.g. Contact Improvisation, Voice Movement Therapy, Art Therapy, Taketina, Alexander Technique, etc.)
  • Performance groups


InterPlay Leaders are skilled in the philosophy and practices of Body Wisdom Incorporated. They are inspired and empowered to be innovators and collaborators. They are connected and accountable to one another and the communities in which they lead. Leaders are valued and supported by Regional Contacts and the Board.

This will be achieved through maintaining and developing:

  • Leaders’ Circle
  • Annual Leaders Gathering
  • Leader Training Program
  • Mentoring
  • Opportunities to contribute to InterPlay Australia’s national activities, e.g. planning events or serving on the Board


(Cultural Awareness /Body Wisdom/ Human Sustainability)

InterPlay Australia actively engages with a variety of community and cultural groups. In our diversity we practise inclusive play, through which we empower, connect and express. It is a pathway for lives to be witnessed and affirmed.

This will be achieved through:

  • Maintaining and developing InterPlay Australia’s relationship with the global InterPlay community (e.g. US, India, Europe)
  • Continuing to explore and grow our relationship with the New Zealand InterPlay community.
  • Strategically targeting specific demographics to increase diversity (young people /men/people with disabilities)
  • Maintaining and developing local community, social and cultural programs (e.g. Refugee women, prison ministries, parent/family play, relationship enrichment).
  • Seeking opportunities for new ventures (e.g. Arts and Social Change, Family play, InterPlay for mums and bubs)
  • Maintaining and developing connections with niche areas (eg mental health, education, well-being, diversity, arts etc)
  • Developing InterPlay Australia’s advocacy role in promoting the benefits of arts-based play in education and the community,
  • Fostering collaboration, e.g. in the field of academic research.