InterPlay Facilitation

InterPlay can be applied in many settings, professions and locations and can be of value in many different situations.

InterPlay in Organisations

Unlock the hidden resources in your organisation. Tools and techniques specifically for organisations have been designed, growing out of the wisdom and experience of 20 years of teaching InterPlay in these contexts. These skills and resources can take you far beyond the way that organisations think about teamwork and team-building.

They can help you access new areas of individual and group capability that can:

  • improve performance
  • increase employee satisfaction and commitment
  • decrease stress and increase ease
  • improve cooperation, collaboration and communication
  • develop leadership skills

In the rush toward accountability, measurability and rationality, organisations may fail to mine rich territory that can have a significant effect on the way people work individually and together. Modern organisations rely more and more on interpersonal interaction. We each have our role but also rely on the skills, abilities and cooperation of others to be effective. The modern organisation is less like a machine and much more like a body.

InterPlay secrets for effective groups

A series of workshop/seminars that not only present new ideas but also include practice—an essential element for creating change in an organisation. It is presented as a day-long seminar in central locations to which you can send members of your organisation. It can also be tailored to be presented in your particular organisation on-site in a variety of time-frames. Subsequent seminars reinforce the basic tools and practices as well as providing additional content:

Leadership & Followership:
Authority / Autonomy / Cooperation / Motivation

Making / Creating / Innovation / Fun / Challenge / Personal Sustainability

Movement Patterns / Inter-culturalism / Circles of Connection

Adaptation / Improvising / Adjusting to Change / Generating Options / Vision

Personal & Interpersonal:
Interaction / Coping / Awareness / Empathy / Reading Cues

​InterPlay in Communities

InterPlay is a powerful tool to change people’s lives. As more and more people have learned how to share InterPlay with others, they are taking InterPlay into settings where it can be a useful tool for unlocking body wisdom for all sorts of people.

It is being used:

  • in prisons
  • in schools at all levels
  • with homeless populations
  • in healthcare settings
  • in social service organizations
  • with children in after-school programs

The InterPlay practice is to follow the natural connections of relationship. We look for partnerships with those who recognise and desire the gifts and tools that InterPlay has to offer.