InterPlay Australia Vision



InterPlay Australia is a vibrant, inclusive and evolving community where everybody is welcome with the gifts they bring. At its core InterPlay is relational in its structure and practice with community as its backbone. It is in community with one another that we are seen, known and understood. The local and national communities are sustained through regular nurturing play and practice. We seek and invite others to share and enrich our practice through new collaborations


InterPlay Australia fosters artistic capacity. We seek wellbeing through the playful integration of the five freedom paths (voicing, moving, telling, connecting and being). Each person engages with their own body wisdom at their own pace in the context of community. InterPlay is art for all and art for self. It encourages artists in their playful life-leading and in honing their craft. It provides a body of witnesses for all to be seen, heard and felt.


InterPlay Leaders are skilled in the philosophy and practices of Body Wisdom Incorporated. They are inspired and empowered to be innovators and collaborators. They are connected and accountable to one another and the communities in which they lead. Leaders are valued and supported by Regional Contacts and the Board.


(Cultural Awareness /Body Wisdom/ Human Sustainability) InterPlay Australia actively engages with a variety of community and cultural groups. In our diversity we practise inclusive play, through which we empower, connect and express. It is a pathway for lives to be witnessed and affirmed.

InterPlay explores and celebrates the wisdom and creativity of the body, so that individuals, groups and communities might find a more expressive sense of wholeness and joy.

Our Board

InterPlay Australia Inc. Board Members 2023 -24

Mandy Price (Chair)

Ian Clover (Treasurer)

Alee Lee (Secretary)

Meryl Wellington

Margot Broug

Peter Batten



InterPlay in Australia

InterPlay Australia is a community of trained enthusiasts committed to bringing the principles and practices of InterPlay into all facets of Australian community life. InterPlay was first developed in San Francisco by performers and teachers Phil Porter and Cynthia Winton-Henry and has been in Australia for over 20 years.

InterPlay Australia runs regular workshops on a wide variety of movement, storytelling, singing, creativity and personal development topics as well as intensive training courses and ongoing weekly classes throughout Australia.

InterPlay Australia has a teacher training program and there are accredited teachers with experience in running classes and workshops in a wide variety of community, health and business settings in most states.