Leader training

We are committed to spreading InterPlay far and wide. Experience shows that the InterPlay ideas and tools can have a significant impact on individuals, communities and the world.

Leader Training Program

InterPlay creates strong, enduring, healthy connections between us and allows us room to claim our own gifts and to appreciate the similarities and differences of others helps us “disarm”—to be less guarded and more open creates ease, joy and fun in our lives.

Would you like to help share this valuable bodywisdom in your communities?

To become a Certified Leader of InterPlay in Australia one needs to:

  1. Complete the Life Practice Program
  2. Undertake the InterPlay Leader Training Program
  3. Become a member of the Leaders Circle
  4. Take out Insurance cover with InterPlay Australia before teaching as a Certified Leader (unless you have your own private insurance).

The Leader Training Program will provide you with skills to effectively lead InterPlay® forms and practices in a variety of settings. It includes presentation, self-study, interaction, play, and practice teaching. The program can be done in a variety of locations around the country.

You will learn how to create a welcoming and affirming atmosphere, present InterPlay forms and principles clearly, take incremental steps, increase your ability to respond in the moment, elicit noticings of body data, knowledge, and wisdom, lead focus sessions, deal with resistance, and take care of yourself.

Please note: You will need to complete the Life Practice Program before you can apply to do the Leader Training Program

Program Components 

1. The Secrets of Leading InterPlay, a weekend workshop (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday) that will provide an overview of the InterPlay system, structure and philosophy. Topics include:  how the forms are taught and developed,  what it takes to be an InterPlay leader, the relationship between leader, group and individual participants, dealing with challenging situations and leading voice/sound.

2. Knowing the InterPlay Forms. Using the Core Elements Self-Study Guide participants will demonstrate a basic understanding of, and ability to reproduce, the steps involved in teaching the core set of InterPlay forms and tools.

3. The InterPlay Teaching Practicum, a workshop (Saturday all day) providing practice teaching opportunities using the Forms, with immediate feedback on, and assessment of, your teaching skills. Information on best practice in designing and leading InterPlay events will also be given.

4. Post Training Support Following the Teaching Practicum ongoing support and professional development can be offered to participants wanting extra support and to those who have not met the standards required for accreditation.

Fee: $700 or $750 paid in installments


The Circle is open to those who have completed the Leader Training Program or who are in the process of completing that Program.

The purpose of the Leader’s Circle is to create a network of mutual support for leaders of InterPlay, to provide resources for teaching, leading and marketing InterPlay and to honour the agreements concerning the teaching and use of the InterPlay body of knowledge.

What Leaders Circle members receive:

  • Easy access to materials that support and enable your work/play as a Leader’s Circle member sharing InterPlay around the world.
  • Ability to promote your InterPlay events on the InterPlay Australia website. Provide us with the details - and we’ll add your event!
  • Share your story with other Leader's Circle members and see how they are applying InterPlay in their own communities.
  • Access to member-only videos & teaching resources
  • Download professional InterPlay logos and photos for your publicity.