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An Exciting Board Initiative: Revive to Thrive

Can you help raise funds for this new project?

The Board has been involved in strategic planning recently and has been discussing ways of ensuring the Board continues in it’s role of leading and creating a range of opportunities for people to experience this wonderful community connection through sharing play and making art together.

We reflected how IP survived and at times thrived during Covid times but also acknowledged the need to get back to in- person play. It is also evident that as a demographic we are an ageing population and need to be pro active about exposing younger people to IP as well as to incorporate them at the managerial level.

Another noticing is around our community’s capacity to continue volunteering their time. Maybe you have noticed- people’s lives are so full and busy! We are working on strategies around our social media presence and have already created and filled  a paid position which is held by Georgia Shine.

While Pemra Kahraman applied for the Administration Coordinator the selection panel agreed to offer Pemra a role as community contact/event organiser. The proposal is to employ Pemra for 2 hours/week with an estimated yearly cost of $3800. The purpose of the role would be to generate more events, increase the number of InterPlayers, and create a greater sense of connection within the InterPlay community.

This is a very important role and while much of it has been carried out by volunteers in the past if IP is to continue to thrive we feel we need to offer financial incentive to fulfil this role.

Due to the lack of in- person events over the last few years our funds are not what they once were.  Pemra’s proposed role involves creating and promoting more events which would improve our organisations financial position. We are however needing some help to get this off the ground. We are inviting you to support our fundraising drive. This may involve a one off donation or a monthly debit option.

If you have been a long time InterPlayer and have benefitted from being part of this wonderful community and are in a position to offer some financial assistance this would be greatly appreciated.

If you are in a position to donate please click on the button above which will take you to the fundraising page. Thank you.

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Celebrating Phil Porter

SummerPlay 2023 Celebrates and Graduates Phil Porter!

Accolades and heartfelt wishes poured forth as we celebrated Phil for his immense contribution over 30yrs to the InterPlay foundations, life and ongoing sustenance of InterPlay Australia. 
Phil has visited Australia as guest teacher, inspirer & playmate over 25 times!! 
As InterPlay(R) cofounder with Cynthia Winton-Henry, we thank, love and bless him into his next stage of creativity and luxuriating in the 'No More Meetings!!' 
JOB WELL DONE dear friend!!!! InterPlay is grounded in our bodies, minds and souls and we'll continue exploring with flair!
If you missed out or want to experience again, the 70min celebration with our InterPlay Australia community, please enjoy!: 
Mark Seton also collated a wonderful 5min 'Trip Down Memory Lane' video which we shared during the celebration:
Phil's hope is that future generations will be supported in their play without the hassle of always trying to finance events. If you'd like to contribute to the Phil Porter InterPlay Future Fund, you're welcome to do so: 

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New InterPlay Class in Newcastle

First Sunday of the month 10.00am -12 noon

Unlock the wisdom of your body

Through playful IMProvisation we explore the languages of the body in movement, voice, contact and stillness. Open up your self-expression in a community of joy, fun and creativity.

Come join us at the big hall at the Hamilton Community Hive, 152 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW

Cost: $20/$15

Contact:Margot ph 0418 992 166; email:

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Life Practice Program (online)

Body Wisdom Inc (InterPlay in the USA) is offering the Life Practice Program online and they would welcome experienced Australian InterPlayers to join.

Go to to find out more.

Want an opportunity to integrate the wisdom of the body into your whole life?
The Life Practice Program is a powerful opportunity to get the tools and practices of InterPlay in your body. More ease! More connection! More creativity!
Here is your opportunity for a deeper, richer life!
The program begin with the Secrets of InterPlay, followed by a series of groups sessions.
You need not enroll in the entire Life Practice Program to attend a "Secrets" event.
Special tuition for "repeaters"--those who have already attended a Life Practice Program of any type.
Scholarships available. Inquire at


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Celebrating Cynthia

Accolades poured in for Cynthia last week as we danced on behalf of her transition from Co-Directing Body Wisdom Inc. and Co-Leading InterPlay®. Stories, hand dances and words of gratitude bubbled up, in recognition of her tremendous pioneering leadership over 30yrs with co-conspirator and body intellectual, Phil Porter. Memories of igniting the ‘full body’, the ‘communal body’, the passion of improvisation and artistry. Words such as: ‘irrepressible, provocateur, enspiriter, wild woman, hearty opener, dancing spirit, embodied teacher, wisdom, creative depths of infinite beauty,genius, intrepid explorer, magical priestess, incrementality queen..’

Summarised beautifully in Power Point by Mark Seton:

As part of the celebration in Australia 13 InterPlay artists including Alee Lee and Rod Pattenden prepared a Visual Art Gift -

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Holding Space newsletter for Leaders

Holding Space newsletter (archives) Holding Space is a quarterly newsletter containing articles, images, poems and stories shared by the Australian InterPlay Leaders’ Circle to support and connect IP Leaders  as they develop their  skills, confidence, and knowledge of teaching practices. HS editions are archived from 2017.  Holding Space #18 Holding Space #19 Holding Space #20 Holding […]
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Playgroups and classes now available in person

Explore playful movement and connection in a COVID safe environment.

InterPlay explores the wisdom of the body through story, movement and vocal techniques that help reconnect a sense pf personal wholeness and creativity.

For more information

To see what InterPlay classes and groups are available throughout Australia or via zoom go to Find a Class

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Worker Recognition

This document outlines InterPlay Australia’s policy on recognition of, reward and renumeration for volunteers and paid workers


By way of recognition and reward for volunteer contribution, we suggest initiatives including:

  • InterPlay workshop discount
  • Public acclamation (InterPlay workshop / Newsletter / eNews / Facebook)
  • Mentoring / skills development
  • Movie/book/iTunes voucher
  • Bunch of flowers
  • Personal messages of noticing and thanks

Acknowledging people may like to be recognised and rewarded in different ways - depending on their personalities, past experience, personal values, current circumstances etc - a range of choices may be offered to individuals according to their preference / needs and the InterPlay community’s specific skill base.

Paid Workers

Sometimes InterPlay Australia will employ people to complete work the Board believes is necessary for the organisation to function efficiently (accounts, communications and marketing, web-site development and maintenance, and national coordination roles).

Sometimes those contributing to InterPlay workshop delivery may expect to be paid since participants have paid attendance fees.

The Board will designate which roles are voluntary and which are paid (see summary below).

Roles shall be scoped and documented in a role description.

The following criteria will be used to determine the roles, tasks and deliverables to be remunerated:

  • Are the duties covered by an Australian award?
  • Is there accountability, expectation of outcomes for InterPlay Australia?
  • Is it adding value for InterPlay Australia? and/or
  • Is it an event where previously organisers / facilitators were remunerated?
  • If there is no individual from the InterPlay community available and the work is specialised, an external contractor could be considered.

If these criteria are met, the pay-rate should comply with the applicable Australian Award or match the established custom and practice in the not-for-profit arts sector, or be the same as that paid to any other contract staff with IP Australia.

At times, paid roles may also be recognised and rewarded in the same ways suggested for volunteers.

Where a role is designated as paid, the worker(s) should be paid.

However, if a worker feels payment is unnecessary on a given occasion, there is the option to donate their pay back to the region or national organisation.

Policy Implementation Assistance

The InterPlay Australia Board can offer guidance, support or mentoring to regional leaders InterPlayers seeking assistance regarding effective methods to recognise and reward and nurture volunteers and workers if required. Please contact the Administration Coordinator ( ) in the first instance.

Life Membership

In addition to the recognition of people making a significant contribution to InterPlay Australia as detailed above, the Board may nominate people as Life Members of InterPlay Australia. These people will have:

  • Made a significant and on-going contribution to IPA at both regional and national levels;
  • Demonstrated a commitment to furthering the interests and objectives of IPA;
  • Have been involved with IPA for at least ten years consecutively, or cumulatively

Life membership will entitle the recipients to:

  • Free attendance and accommodation at Leaders Gatherings
  • Be presented with a Life Membership certificate.

Payment and discount summary

This is a short summary of current payments and discounts.
Other forms of affirmation or reward are not included here.

National Event Coordinator (SummerPlay, WinterPlay; other national event)Coordination of national and/or regional  events from Board initiative$300 for online; and/or $200 per regional location(face to face)

Role name Responsibilities Payment / Discount / Voluntary
Administration Coordinator Communications (see job description and contract) $35 p/h – 6 hours per week
Accounts Officer Bookkeeping, accounts, reports (see job description and contract) $35 p/h - 2 hours a week
Company as per contract (Killian Web Development) Website hosting & maintenance Scheduled fees
Company as per contract Digital Strategy and Social Media Marketing Scheduled fees
Accountant Prepare annual financial statement; prepare & lodge tax return Scheduled fees
Local or regional contact/s / Organisers

As above & InterPlay community members

Coordinate and organise workshops, play groups, special occasions, etc

Build local communities

Up to regions to decide



Leader/facilitator/teacher Local or regional events, workshops, classes. Depends on region but workshop leaders usually paid locally. Rates set locally.
Local or regional Co-ordinator for SummerPlay Coordinate SummerPlay locally where there is a face to face event One ticket offered by Board to be allocated by Region
SummerPlay workshop Leader/facilitator/teacher Lead SummerPlay workshops, sessions International rate:

Senior US leaders (Phil Porter; Cynthia Winton-Henry; Agnotti Cowie) up to $US200/hour

Other international presenters:$US120 per hour (or otherwise negotiated)

National rates See below

Airfares and small living expenses allowance also covered

PAY-RATE GUIDE (Agreed 2022)
Standard workshops/classes or sessions(face to face or online)
$120 per hr 1 facilitator
 2 leaders = $90/hour each
3 leaders = $60/hour each
Event facilitation on the day of the event MC/Host holding day or event together $35 per hour
IT Tech support person Person controlling internet platform/breakout rooms, trouble shooting etc $35 per hour
National Event Coordinator (SummerPlay; WinterPlay; other national event) Coordination of national and /or regional events from Board initiative. $300 for online; and/or $200 per regional location (face to face)

Leaders Gathering

Leaders Gathering local organisers Organising; logistics

Individual or group

One ticket offered by Board to be allocated by organising group

Leaders Gathering Program planners

Program planning group One ticket offered by Board to be allocated by program planning group
Leaders Gathering

session leaders/teachers

Lead session/s No payment, no discount
Leaders Circle Coordinator Voluntary
Leaders Circle Members Pay registration fee Leaders Circle member $20 discount for Leaders Gathering
Board Members Board activities Voluntary
Life Practice Program Organiser $30/participant enrolled
Life Practice Program Facilitator $100 per hour led for one facilitator

$75 per hour each for 2 facilitators

$50 per hour each for 3 facilitators*

Leader Training Program Organiser $30/participant enrolled
Leader Training Program Facilitators $100 per hour led for one facilitator

$75 per hour each for 2 facilitators

$50 per hour each for 3 facilitators*

InterPlayers Assistance to attend InterPlay events (see also Event Registration & Payment Policy) Informal or ad hoc arrangements by local/regional group for

-       Concession discounts

-       Special discounts

-       Subsidies/scholarships

Other? Requests can be made to the Board where an Individual believes he or she should be rewarded financially for their IP work.

*Flexibility is possible with these pay rates to accommodate senior/trainee facilitators

Download this policy here

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Event Registration, Payments and Financial Assistance Guidelines

These Guideline aim to provide guidance for the national and local coordinators of InterPlay Australia (IPA) events in relation to the registration and payment procedures that are to be implemented for SummerPlay, Leader Training, Leaders Gathering, and Life Practice Program.

Guidance is also provided for the InterPlay Australia Board and event coordinators in relation to financial assistance for InterPlayers attending these events.

The Guidelines apply to all InterPlay Australia members, contractors and event participants and are designed to assist with the smooth organising and running of each event, and to encourage fair and transparent decision making.


Financial Assistance

  1. Local Sponsorship

In acknowledgement of the financial difficulty that an individual InterPlayer may have in affording the registration fee for an event, a regional InterPlay community may decide to provide financial support to enable the person to attend an event (or part of an event where appropriate). Whether to do this and the process for deciding the amount and the recipient(s) is up to the local community to decide. InterPlayers may use the attached application form to apply for local sponsorship.

Registration for the event should still be made through the electronic booking system and payment made directly to InterPlay Australia’ s account, in conjunction with the relevant coordinator(s) and InterPlay Australia’s bookkeeper.

2.  Sponsorship by InterPlay Australia.

  • When a local community cannot assist, people with a genuine financial need may apply for assistance from the IPA Board for an amount equivalent to one full day’s attendance at SummerPlay or the Leaders Gathering; or up to $150 towards the cost of registration for the Leader Training Program or Life Practice Program.
  • The Board will earmark an amount in the event’s budget that is available for financial assistance.
  • Publicity and the booking page for the event will promote donating and the availability of financial assistance
  • Cut off dates will be set for early bird registrations (two weeks before the event); and for registration and the lodging of financial assistance applications (one week before event)
  • The Board will identify who will make decisions about financial assistance including back up for decision makers away on leave or unavailable for personal reasons.
  • In order to be fair and transparent in its decision making about financial assistance, the Board will ensure the decision is made by two or more Board members and that the decision is communicated in writing to the applicant.

3.  Scholarships for Leader Training and Life Practice Programs

InterPlay Australia will make available a scholarship to sponsor a younger InterPlayer (up to 35years) to attend the Life Practice Program and the Leader Training Program (2 separate scholarships).  Scholarship applications can be for up to 50% of the fee and are to be submitted using the scholarship application form. Applications will include acceptance of an obligation to contribute to InterPlay Australia on completion of the Program, and details of the intended contribution. A scholarship application form can be downloaded here .

Scholarship applications are to be sent to the Admin Coordinator at and will be decided as per the process outlined in 5b-e below.

4.  Donation Money

Through the booking system there is a facility for attendees to pay extra money when registering, as a donation to assist other InterPlayers less able to afford the fee to attend.

The Admin Coordinator will send a standard email to thank each person making a donation.

5.  Application Process for Financial Assistance

Use this link to download an application form that can used by an InterPlayer wishing to apply for financial assistance.

  • If applying to a local community the form can be sent to the local coordinator;
  • If applying to InterPlay Australia the form is to be sent to the Admin Coordinator (AC) at

The AC sends acknowledgement of receipt of application and forwards form to Treasurer and local event coordinator.

The Treasurer liaises with the local event coordinator and AC to decide outcome of application (referring to Board Chair or other nominated Board representative if additional decision making input is required).

AC responds to applicant letting them know the outcome of their application. If sponsorship is approved AC will cc IPA accounts and local event coordinator.

IPA Accounts liaises with applicant if required, to set up payment to IPA’s bank account; or to set up payments over time.

6.  Payment Plans

An InterPlayer who is not able to pay their registration fee at the time of registration can negotiate to pay the fee off over time. This can be done with the IPA bookkeeper directly by the InterPlayer or through the event coordinator. The agreement should be in writing and payment should be finalised within 3 months after the event.

7.  Free attendance, and discounts for event coordinators/organisers.

The table below details the entitlements to free registration, or to a discount for coordinators depending on the event. These entitlements may be shared if there is more than one coordinator.

For Leaders Gathering, Leaders Circle members are entitled to a discount.

Payments for leaders and organisers of events are detailed in the Recognising, Rewarding and Affirming InterPlay Workers and Volunteers Policy.

Coordinator/Event Role Entitlement
Local SummerPlay coordinator(s) Coordinate SummerPlay locally One ticket allocated by Region
Leaders Gathering


Organising; logistics Individual or group One ticket to be allocated by organising group
Leaders Gathering Program Planners Program planning group One ticket to be allocated by program planning group
Leaders Circle Members Pay registration fee Leaders Circle member discount for Leaders Gathering (currently $20)

All major InterPlay Australia events and the people organising them are supported by the Board and by the Administration Coordinator, which is a paid position.

8.  Funding for Special Events or Projects

Funding may be available from InterPlay Australia (IPA) to support the work of groups or individuals in our community who are applying InterPlay principles and forms to build community. More information and the application form can be downloaded here.

Electronic Booking System (InterPlay Australia website or equivalent system)

All registrations for major events should be made through the electronic booking system in order to give an accurate record of attendance. The system will be programmed to show daily as well as full attendance.

In situations, such as part day attendance, the event coordinator will keep accurate records of attendance and provide this information as requested.

The system will also include the facility to make an initial deposit to register attendance by InterPlayers who are using a payment plan or being subsidised, or for another reason need to pay directly into the InterPlay Australia’s bank account.

Cancellations and Refunds

Advice to event participants on the terms and conditions for cancellations and refunds will be included in the electronic booking system and on each ticket that is issued, as follows:

Cancellations after full payment:

More than 3 weeks before (event name) -full refund.

Up to 3 weeks before (event name) - 90% refund, 10% will be retained as an administration fee.

Up to 1 week before (event name) - 50% refund.

Less than 48 hours before the event payment is non-refundable.

In the case of illness or family emergency you will be refunded 90% of the cost, 10% will be retained for administration. All requests for refunds from cancellations must be made in writing to InterPlay Australia at

If the cancellation policy of a particular venue conflicts with the InterPlay Australia terms and conditions stated above, then InterPlay Australia may implement a variation for that event to ensure that any potential financial loss is minimised. These conditions will be included in the electronic booking system ahead of the event.

To ensure fairness and in the interests of transparency, all decisions on requests for refunds will be made in line with these terms and conditions.

The event co-ordinator will arrange with the book keeper for refunds to be made.


Individual InterPlayers may purchase items for use at an event, or incur expense in relation to the running of an event. If the item is included in the budget for the event, then reimbursement may be claimed from InterPlay Australia using the procedure detailed below. This could include expenses such as catering, transport for leaders or venue hire. Information about an event budget can be obtained from the event organiser.

If the expense is outside of the budget, for example gifts for leaders, then it is recommended that reimbursement be sought from the local InterPlay community.

Hosting a visiting leader can incur expense. Hosts may be reimbursed for reasonable costs from InterPlay Australia Board or their local InterPlay community. Please refer to the Billeting and Hosting policy for more information on the  InterPlay Aust website.

Reimbursement procedure

When claiming from InterPlay Australia, email an itemised invoice to Receipts are not required at this time but may be requested.

Claims for reimbursement at the regional or local level are best dealt with by the relevant contact person.

Funding for Special Projects

From time to time InterPlay Australia (IPA) will provide financial and other assistance to support the work of groups or individuals in our community who are applying InterPlay principle and forms to build community.

If you are seeking funding from IPA to assist with the implementation of a project or an event you feel may further the mission of IPA, you may apply to the Board for a full, or part subsidy, using this application form.  Please submit your application by email as far in advance of the event or project start date as possible, in order to give the Board adequate time to consider your proposal.

The Board will respond within two weeks of receiving your application; and will be fair and transparent in its decision making. Each application will be considered on its merit, within the context of the overall InterPlay Australia budget.

You will need to complete all sections of the form providing adequate detail to assist the Board in assessing your application. You can attach supporting documentation if you wish.

If you have questions please contact Sue on 0421 356 414 or email

Download a copy of this policy here.





Financial Assistance Application Form

If you are having difficulty affording the registration fee for an event you may apply to your local InterPlay community or to InterPlay Australia for a full, or part subsidy. Complete the details on the form found here

and give it to your local leader or email to



























Payment Plan

If you need to pay all or part of your registration fee off over time you may negotiate the arrangement for this with the InterPlay Australia Treasurer either directly or through the event coordinator. The agreement should be in writing and payment should be finalised within 3 months after the event.



Scholarship Application Form

If you are having difficulty affording the registration fee for the Leader Training Program or Life Practice Program, and you are under the age of thirty five years, you may apply to InterPlay Australia for a scholarship. The scholarship would cover up to 50% of the registration fee. Only one scholarship is awarded for each program. 

In order to be considered for a scholarship you need to agree to accept an obligation to contribute to the InterPlay community following completion of the program. Eg by being a leader in your local InterPlay community; participating in the annual Leaders Gathering; being on the Board; assisting your Regional Contact; etc

Complete the details on the form found here email it to


























Payment Plan

If you need to pay all or part of your registration fee off over time you may negotiate the arrangement for this with the InterPlay Australia Treasurer either directly or through the event coordinator. The agreement should be in writing and payment should be finalised within 3 months after the event.



Funding Application Form

From time to time InterPlay Australia (IPA) will provide financial and other assistance to support the work of groups or individuals in our community who are applying InterPlay principle and forms to build community. If you are seeking funding from IPA to assist with the implementation of a project or an event you feel may further the mission of IPA, you may apply to the Board for a full, or part subsidy, using the form here.  Please submit your application to as far in advance of the event or project start date as possible, in order to give the Board adequate time to consider your proposal.


























Payment Plan

If you need to pay all or part of your registration fee off over time you may negotiate the arrangement for this with the InterPlay Australia Treasurer either directly or through the event coordinator. The agreement should be in writing and payment should be finalised within 3 months after the event.



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Leaders Circle Policy

The Leaders Circle Policy sets out the requirements for and benefits of being a member of the Leaders Circle.

Policy statement

The Leaders Circle provides support for graduates of the Leader Training Program to invest in the ongoing development of the philosophy and practice of InterPlay through InterPlay Australia Inc. While Australia's Leaders Circle is based on our USA counterpart, it is totally independent and unique to the Australian context.

InterPlay Leaders are:

  • Trained in the philosophy and practices of InterPlay.
  • Empowered to be innovators and collaborators.
  • Connected and accountable to one another and the communities in which they lead.
  • Valued and supported by Regional Contacts and the InterPlay Committee and the communities they serve.

Membership of the Leaders Circle


Leader Circle membership is limited to graduates of the Leader Training Program (either the previous or current training programs) who have paid the relevant joining fee.

Membership is limited because:

  • It is recognition of the investment made by those who’ve undertaken the training program, and
  • It builds a network of mutual support and encouragement for graduates of the training program.


  • Eligibility to play, learn and celebrate with peers at the annual Leader’s Gathering. (An integral part of an ongoing support network and skills development for teaching and life.)
  • Eligibility to contribute to and vote at InterPlay Australia Inc Annual General Meeting (held at the annual Leaders Gathering).
  • Eligibility to stand for election to the Board of InterPlay Australia Inc (at the AGM).
  • Membership of InterPlay Australia Inc and thus the opportunity to influence the organisation’s future direction.
  • Access to member-only resources on both Australian and US websites.
  • Listing as a certified InterPlay Facilitator on the website (subject to criteria below)
  • Access to group rates for Public Liability Insurance negotiated by InterPlay Australia.
  • Regular Leaders Circle Newsletters
  • Inclusion of your classes in regional and/or national newsletters and on the website and Facebook page
  • Discount on registration cost for Leaders Gathering.

Members’ Liability (in accordance with the IPA Constitution)

The liability of a member of the association to contribute towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of the association or the costs, charges and expenses of the winding up of the association is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid by the member in respect of membership of the association


Annual Leaders Circle membership is set by the Board and is due in June each year.

Payment is through the Events page of this website.
Your contributions support the continued operation of InterPlay Australia in areas such as:

  • Website maintenance and development.
  • Administration and accounting costs
  • New InterPlay initiatives and community arts developmental projects

Public Liability Insurance

Anyone leading or teaching under the InterPlay brand is strongly advised to hold Public Liability Insurance as a duty of care towards teachers and participants and to meet legal obligations. It is also generally required to hire halls.

InterPlay Australia provides access to a policy for certified leaders and teachers who do not have their own insurance. The annual fee is in addition to the Leaders Circle membership fee. Rates are on a sliding scale according to the level of teaching and payment is through the Events page of this website.

Leaders can choose to have their own personal insurance.

InterPlay Australia recommends that at least one accredited teacher covered by insurance be in attendance when teaching or leading under the InterPlay Australia banner.

InterPlay Australia Facilitators

Recognition as an InterPlay Australia Facilitator is available to an IPA leader who:

  • Has had at least one year of teaching practice after graduating from The Leader Training Program
  • Is a member of the Leaders’ Circle and is covered with appropriate insurance.
  • Initiates or leads InterPlay classes and/or workshops on a regular basis, over and above facilitating play groups, OR facilitates workplace/community programs using mostly InterPlay processes
  • Demonstrates they are actively involved in, and promoting, InterPlay Australia, through listing of classes and/or workshops facilitated
  • Has their application approved by the Board of InterPlay Australia, against the above criteria.

A Facilitator application form is available from The InterPlay Australia Board will review applications for approval and website listing.

Download Leaders Circle Policy here.
Download Worker Recognition Policy here.
View Interplay Australia's Constitution here.