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Holding Space newsletter for Leaders

Holding Space newsletter  Holding Space is a quarterly newsletter containing articles, images, poems and stories shared by the Australian InterPlay Leaders’ Circle to support and connect IP Leaders  as they develop their  skills, confidence, and knowledge of teaching practices. HS editions are archived from 2017. 
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The Leader Training Program 2021

Become a qualified InterPlay leader

The InterPlay Leader Training Program (LTP) is comprised of 4 components that, once completed satisfactorily, enable one to become a Certified InterPlay Leader under the auspices of InterPlay Australia and to be eligible to join the Leaders’ Circle.
The Secrets of Leading InterPlay
Self-Study Guide; Teaching the Forms
Teaching Practicum
Ongoing mentoring

Please see the flier below for an overview of the LTP.

The Secrets of Leading InterPlay will be offered online and the Teaching Practicum later in the year, hopefully, in person.

One has to have completed the InterPlay Life Practice Program before being eligible to undertake the LTP.

This year Janet Hartmann and Elizabeth Emanuele (Zee) will be leading it. Both fabulous trainers and leaders!

If you wish to express interest in undertaking the LTP please email Trish Fairley ASAP so that she can send you an application form for you to complete and return. This will let us know more about your dreams/hopes/desires around leading InterPlay in the future. Some people have chosen to undertake the LTP even when they haven’t wanted to lead but want to be better informed about the complexities and joys of leading.
Some leaders who are already certified repeat the LTP to update and refresh their skills in leading. (All who do so have reported that they’ve been inspired by doing this!) This costs $450 and you can register using the Register Now button.

We’d love you to become a qualified InterPlay leader! We’re aware of the fatigue factor on Zoom so we're offering a creative way of delivering the LTP online. I invite you to look at the attached brochure which has the details of the dates, times etc for you to put in your diary NOW!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Trish Fairley

Once your application has been accepted you can register here using the Register Now button.You can pay in full ($950) when you register, or elect to pay $100 deposit and pay the remainder by instalments. Full details about payment are on the event page.

For more information

If you have questions or concerns please email Trish at or call 018 849 636.

Download the flier here

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InterPlay Brand Materials for Leaders

Please use the following files when designing your promotional material. Yellow and white logo on red background - 400px x 488px - download Black and red logo on white background - 540px x 622px - download Yellow and grey logo on blue background - 400px x 471px - download White and red logo on yellow […]
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Useful InterPlay Facts for InterPlay Leaders

InterPlay is an active, creative approach to unlocking the wisdom of the body. Teaching people to improvise with the five languages of their body: movement, voice, words, contact, and stillness InterPlay leaders design artful learning environments that are enjoyable, community building and transformative. Body Wisdom Inc, a non-profit arts education organization directed by founders Cynthia […]