InterPlay Australia Facilitators are qualified and experienced InterPlay leaders who are available to present talks or workshops to community groups about InterPlay.
Recognition as an InterPlay Australia Facilitator is available to an InterPlay leader who:
● Has had at least one year of teaching practice after graduating from The Leader Training Program
● Is a member of the Leaders’ Circle and is covered with appropriate insurance.
● Initiates or leads InterPlay classes and/or workshops on a regular basis, over and above facilitating play groups, OR facilitates workplace/community programs using mostly InterPlay processes
● Demonstrates they are actively involved in, and promoting, InterPlay Australia, through listing of classes and/or workshops facilitated
● Has their application approved by the Board of InterPlay Australia, against the above criteria.

A Facilitator application form is available from enquiries@interplayaus.com.au.au.

Alison Lee

Alison (Alee) Lee is a recovering serious person, a psychotherapist, trainer and group facilitator. Alee acknowledges the First Nations custodians of the land and waterways on which we meet, work and play and the Elders of this region. Alee lives life to the full through creative practices that inspire others to live expressive, enriched lives that create joyful connection! Through InterPlay Alee seeks to promote diverse and inclusive playful communities who thrive through art, storytelling, movement, play, witnessing and stillness, through Dadiri and deep listening.Meet Alison Lee

Kerstin Annette

Kerstin is a trained arts therapist and teacher and has had 20 years experience in the preforming arts industry. Interplay fitted well under arts therapy and Kerstin is passionate about body wisdom. She currently sits on the board of CEDAR a not for profit conscious embodiment of dance and relating organisation with aims to create safer communities and practices in this arena. Kerstin has been an InterPlay facilitator since 2017 and has been holding events with InterPlay practices since 2019. Her business Deep Vibe Soul Play hosts events for singles to mingle socially and also runs couple's dating events using 80% InterPlay tools. Kerstin is also available for couples' support via online sessions helping relationships to delve deeper via playful ways.Meet Kerstin Annette

Carmelle Moore

Carmelle Moore is a Speech Pathologist with more than 30 years experience who specializes in the voice. She has been teaching hatha style and meridian based yoga for 18 years. Carmelle undertook postgraduate studies at Sydney University exploring the use of yoga to enhance voice production. Carmelle has also been devoted to the study and […]Meet Carmelle Moore

Catherine McMahon

Catherine McMahon’s passions include sustaining our future on earth and physical and creative expression. Catherine gives practical expression to those passions; founding the Estuary Care Foundation SA, for the restoration and conservation of the Port River and Barker Inlet Estuary, and coordinating, coordinating a monthly InterPlay group at Largs Bay (2015 - 2022). Catherine is a member […]Meet Catherine McMahon

Zee Emanuele

Zee is an Adelaide-based facilitator and artist. She has been facilitating groups for 20 years and currently runs monthly InterPlay Play Labs online and longer in person playshops. She uses InterPlay to create improv performance art, relax, discharge, lighten her heart, feel more love and connect with herself and others. Zee is a trained acupuncturist, psychotherapist and mother, for which she wishes there was a training, with a long-term commitment to Conscious Movement, mindfulness and embodiment practices. She delights in expanding the myriad ways we can find simple pleasure and nourishment in our own creative self expression. Zee was a founding member of Australia’s first InterPlay based performance group, “Playing with Edges” and now facilitates with "The Body Co-LABorative", an 'InterPlay plus' based consultancy.Meet Zee Emanuele

Jenny Batten

Jenny discovered InterPlay 20 years ago and loves the way that the playful forms of story, voice and movement integrate mind, body & spirit. Jenny is curious about the arts and spirituality and loves to explore those points of connection that give life and sustain creativity. Singing and music has been a big part of Jenny’s life and loves […]Meet Jenny Batten

Kate Barnett

Phone: +64 22 5221004 Email: katmab@gmail.com Region: Wellington NZ     Kate is a joy-recovery expert who can’t take play too seriously! She is also an Alexander Technique teacher, trained to help people move and sound and breathe and be with their whole body. For Kate, improvisation brings us alive to the whole and InterPlay […]Meet Kate Barnett

Mark Seton

Phone: +61 0419 464 276 Email: mc.seton@bigpond.com Website: www.senseconnexion.com Region: Sydney     Mark is a performer, writer, and lecturer in the performing arts and screen studies. He has also worked as a writer, director, video and sound editor in corporate and educational video production. He currently lectures in creative and performing arts. He also […]Meet Mark Seton

Peter Batten

Phone: 0419 255 585 Email: pjbatten5@bigpond.com Region: Melbourne     As a Uniting Church minister and a Creative Arts Therapist Peter recognises that the InterPlay forms are a playful way for people to experience the sacred and to move towards healing and wholeness. InterPlay enhances Peter's creativity as a photographer and sacred clown. He believes […]Meet Peter Batten

Rod Pattenden

Phone: 0418 861 267 Email: pattenden@bigpond.com Website: www.rodpattenden.id.au Region: Newcastle     Rod is an artist, art historian, and educational facilitator interested in the connection between spirituality and the arts. He has written and lectured widely on these aspects of the arts and creativity in Australia and overseas. He was Co-ordinator of the Institute for […]Meet Rod Pattenden

Susanna Pain

Phone: 0418 637 469 Email: susannapain63@gmail.com Region: Canberra     Susanna is cofounder and lifemember of InterPlay Australia. She is a dancer, storyteller, supervisor, spiritual director, priest, with extensive experience working with creative forms of spiritual and life formation. She is currently Senior Associate at Benedictus Contemplative Church in Canberra. She loves leading InterPlay, and […]Meet Susanna Pain

Trish Fairley

Phone: (08) 8272 2906 or 0418 849 636 Email: trishfairley@iinet.net.au Region: Cumberland Park     As a director of her own training and development consultancy Trish has always had a passion for facilitating the process of people discovering how to live life to the full, with purpose and meaning. No wonder her role as InterPlay […]Meet Trish Fairley

Trish Watts

Phone: 0419 487 056 Email: hello@trishwatts.com Website: http://trishwatts.com Region: Sydney       Trish's life is anchored in the bedrock of play and improvisation. She is a singer, songwriter and educator with extensive experience as a performing artist and community choir director, including the Sydney Threshold Choir. Co-founder of InterPlay Australia, Trish enjoys facilitating InterPlay moments in […]Meet Trish Watts