Belinda Meares

Belinda Meares lives in North Canterbury, New Zealand. She began her InterPlay journey while living in northern NSW, and completed her training in Sydney. Although she mainly teaches InterPlay in Christchurch, Belinda also travels to other centres as she follows her dream of building a community of InterPlayers in New Zealand. She is closely connected with InterPlay Australia.

Belinda is an Alexander Technique teacher and has also taught dance for many years, drawing on her passion for African dance. She also loves to sing and is inspired by InterPlay’s integrated voice-movement practices to help people expand their expressive confidence and repertoire. She first became a performance improviser during formative years in Paris studying Physical Theatre and mime. Discovering InterPlay, which brings the performance arts together in such a liberating and holistic way, has been for her a fulfilling joy and source of inspiration.

Formerly a journalist, Belinda now uses her communication skills in community-development work. She is motivated to apply InterPlay’s practices to bring more mindful and creative approaches to the cause of community well-being and social change.

Belinda offers regular playshops in Christchurch, and one-off sessions elsewhere by arrangement around New Zealand.

InterPlay is a fun, body-centred practice that uses simple forms of improvised play to expand our expressive repertoire and develop confidence, artistry and self-knowledge. Laughter and lightness mingle with moments of deep connection and insight, as players support each other with open- hearted reflection and affirmation.