Carmelle Moore

Carmelle Moore is a Speech Pathologist with more than 30 years experience who specializes in the voice.

She has been teaching hatha style and meridian based yoga for 18 years. Carmelle undertook postgraduate studies at Sydney University exploring the use of yoga to enhance voice production. Carmelle has also been devoted to the study and practice of a wide range of healing modalities for more than 28 years and is a craniosacral practitioner and sound healer. Carmelle’s life has been enriched by the practice of InterPlay for 23 years and draws on this to ground all her work with creativity, joy, delight and ease.She has been living and teaching in the Byron Bay area for the past 15 years where she works with actors, singers, yoga teachers, teachers, presenters and anyone wanting to find more ease, efficiency and joy with their voice.

Carmelle is passionate about supporting every body and voice to express their full potential with power and joy.

Phone: 0422 360 909



Region: Byron/Ballina