An Exciting Board Initiative: Revive to Thrive

Can you help raise funds for this new project?

The Board has been involved in strategic planning recently and has been discussing ways of ensuring the Board continues in it’s role of leading and creating a range of opportunities for people to experience this wonderful community connection through sharing play and making art together.

We reflected how IP survived and at times thrived during Covid times but also acknowledged the need to get back to in- person play. It is also evident that as a demographic we are an ageing population and need to be pro active about exposing younger people to IP as well as to incorporate them at the managerial level.

Another noticing is around our community’s capacity to continue volunteering their time. Maybe you have noticed- people’s lives are so full and busy! We are working on strategies around our social media presence and have already created and filled  a paid position which is held by Georgia Shine.

While Pemra Kahraman applied for the Administration Coordinator the selection panel agreed to offer Pemra a role as community contact/event organiser. The proposal is to employ Pemra for 2 hours/week with an estimated yearly cost of $3800. The purpose of the role would be to generate more events, increase the number of InterPlayers, and create a greater sense of connection within the InterPlay community.

This is a very important role and while much of it has been carried out by volunteers in the past if IP is to continue to thrive we feel we need to offer financial incentive to fulfil this role.

Due to the lack of in- person events over the last few years our funds are not what they once were.  Pemra’s proposed role involves creating and promoting more events which would improve our organisations financial position. We are however needing some help to get this off the ground. We are inviting you to support our fundraising drive. This may involve a one off donation or a monthly debit option.

If you have been a long time InterPlayer and have benefitted from being part of this wonderful community and are in a position to offer some financial assistance this would be greatly appreciated.

If you are in a position to donate please click on the button above which will take you to the fundraising page. Thank you.