Co-founder’s visit enriches Australian Communities

Cynthia Winton-Henry in Australia

The InterPlay Australia community was delighted to share and learn with Cynthia Winton Henry and her husband Stephen when they visited Australia and New Zealand in September and October to run a series of workshops and events. Susanna Pain in Sale Victoria initiated Cynthia’s visit and generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm to welcome and support their “tour”.

Together with Cynthia, Susanna co-led a Spiritual Retreat in the hauntingly beautiful Alice Springs. InterPlayers and others were enriched and uplifted by these 5 days in the desert.

Stephen and Cynthia led a day’s workshop called the Dying to Live Cabaret complete with ukulele led cabaret songs and a dive into the relationship with have with death and dying – a fabulously rich and playful exploration of a topic relevant to us all.

Following on, Cynthia and Stephen joined many Australian InterPlay leaders as we explored the themes of “reaching in, reaching out and reaching beyond” at the Leaders Gathering Galong near Canberra. Feedback from attending Leaders was absolutely fantastic and a huge thank you goes out to the organisers and the program, Mandy Price, Margot Broug and Rebecca Amery plus the Canberra Community who hosted and supported the event.

Cynthia went on to run a workshop in Sydney through Mark Seton and rang a life Practice program for Spiritual Leaders with Steph Gesling in Melbourne. Attendees spoke of Cynthia’s deep teaching and fabulous sharing.

Thank you to Cynthia and Stephen for touching our lives and for enriching our community with your teachings and wonderful play. We wish you much joy and play as you return to your home in the US.