Fairley Sisters’ Side by Side Story

Trish: I'm so excited, I'm off to InterPlay. Want to come?

Jockie: Well...maybe not right now. I'm practicing a lot of shape and stillness at the moment. I think 80 percent stillness is the ideal.

Trish: I went out on the deck, opened my hands and the bird flew up into the air.

Jockie: I went out on the deck, opened my arms and crashed backwards to the ground.

Trish: I've got the biggest boldest idea. You're going to love it!

Jockie: I'm not so sure. I'm not really into big bold ideas at the moment.

PS: With apologies to Trish who never said a word.

PPS: Thank you IPers for your good wishes. My T5 vertebra fracture has left me with mobility of arms, neck and legs and an intact brain. I feel very lucky and am up and dancing slowly.

- Jockie Fairley