International InterPlay Gathering 2021

Side by Side Leaders Gathering

Sharing our common ground/soil and our common soul
Thursday to Sunday 12-15 August 2021 5pm -9pm AEST

As the current situation of the global COVID crisis presents more and more challenges, this year we wish to come together to play on the theme of "Sharing our common ground/soil and our common soul." We all are Earth Bodies and even if we realise it or not, we each have enormous energy fields that help us sail through everything we experience today or have experienced. The present might feel numbing, too large for any of us to make an impact, but it’s times like these, when we invite all of us to remember and play with the possibilities of Earth Wise Bodies. To come together, claim the healing and uplifting birthright practices of Play and move our way through the testing times.

In this gathering, we wish to explore the various threads of being interconnected to each other, feeling the connections with the soil that births us and that nurtures us. We also explore the connections to our ancestors and the justice in our own being that brings healing and justice to the earth. We wish to play together, find laughter and joy in the connections across borders, share our grief and support each other through our dreams and visions.

More details on registration, workshops, contribution to follow soon!

Co-dreamed by Pemra and Trish from Australia, Masankho from Malawi, Sophie from Germany, Meg from the Netherlands, Ermina from Singapore and Vibhuti and Sukhmani from India. Supported by the amazing Interplay team from US office- Agnotti, Stephanie, Phil and Cynthia and many more invisible hands and bodies!