How and why to get involved in the Leader’s Circle

Are you an InterPlayer who has completed the Leader Training Program or in the process of becoming a Leader? Are you an InterPlayer who has completed the Leader Training Program or in the process of… ? Did you know you can become a member of the Leader’s Circle and receive an opportunity to connect with […]Read more

Co-founder’s visit enriches Australian Communities

Cynthia Winton-Henry in Australia The InterPlay Australia community was delighted to share and learn with Cynthia Winton Henry and her husband Stephen when they visited Australia and New Zealand in September and October to run a series of workshops and events. Susanna Pain in Sale Victoria initiated Cynthia’s visit and generated a lot of interest […]Read more

InterPlay in Cairns

InterPlay is alive and well up north and playing all over town Cairns got itself a new installation on the Esplanade and within no time at all the local children were climbing all over it... so what else could interplayers do but join them in a sunset improv. Some starchy residents commented in the paper […]Read more

Greetings from Robert Stocks, Chair of InterPlay Australia

Robert was re elected at the AGM in September to be the fourth Chair of the InterPlay Australia Board Robert is well qualified to take on the role of Chair having been on the Board for the last 5 years and involved with the Interplay community for many years. For a personal profile of Robert, […]Read more

Fairley Sisters’ Side by Side Story

Trish: I'm so excited, I'm off to InterPlay. Want to come? Jockie: Well...maybe not right now. I'm practicing a lot of shape and stillness at the moment. I think 80 percent stillness is the ideal. Trish: I went out on the deck, opened my hands and the bird flew up into the air. Jockie: I […]Read more

The Body Knows Best

Reflections on Exformation by Trish Fairley. Exform... to shake, laugh, cry, whoop, to get what's inside, out! We often talk of ‘exformation’ as the need to get rid of the’ yucky stuff’ or of an overload of information. Recently I’ve noticed how it’s the body that reacts first when it receives particular information, way before […]Read more

Reflecting on the Body and Soul Retreat in Alice Springs

Jenny Batten writes of her experience of the July Retreat with Susanna Pain located at the Campfire in the Heart. A time for nurturing both body and soul, In the heart of our land, At the Campfire in the Heart. A time of connecting mind, body and soul through playfulness, stillness and creativity. A time […]Read more

Play as a Spiritual Practice

Upcoming workshop with Adelaide leaders, Trish Fairley and Peter Lee Play and laughter bring us into the present moment. We will explore how we can use play to develop practices that lighten our lives, nourish our spirits and pay attention to the wisdom in our own bodies. InterPlay encourages us to create stories, move our […]Read more

Peace Play and Global InterPlay Partnerships

Exploring New Frontiers of Body Wisdom - An Article by Prashant Olalekar SJ While completing doctoral studies on the spirituality of peace in Berkeley, California, in 2004, Prashant Olalekar SJ from Mumbai, was seeking for new avenues holistic spirituality that would enrich his ministry as a Jesuit. At the first session of an orientation retreat […]Read more