SummerPlay 2021 Report

Kindness and Compassion to ourselves, each other and to the earth

Playing online for two days in January 2021

There were many aspects of the 2021 SummerPlay that were different from previous years including the planning and lead up. Due to COVID 19 the Board held off making a decision about whether we would hold a SummerPlay event at all and it was not until the October Board meeting attended by Trish Watts that a decision was made to definitely hold a SummerPlay event , and to do it online via zoom. Trish presented a proposal which included holding a two day event with national and international leaders, together with the possibility of local communities holding their own additional one day event.  A flier was developed using the graphic designer from previous years and an event notice set up on the new website, including a registration facility. The short time frame was managed well, helped by there being no transport or accommodation needing to be arranged. The website developers provided much needed assistance in setting up the event notice.

Because Trish Watts had provided such inspiration and initial ideas she was confirmed in the role as SummerPlay Coordinator and Sue Sheridan agreed to assist with administration. Trish developed the program, organised the presenters and set up the link on her zoom account. Board members assisted in various ways.

“Presenters had thought deeply about their sessions and planned incrementally and creatively about their topic. eg Doors in Susanna’s; and age and gender in the younger generation panel.”

I felt this SummerPlay took me to a bigger place and spaciousness and was a call to action of values- which I found interestingly more powerful than face to face- so I would love it to continue this way for next year too.”

There were 50 registrations in total: 28 for two days; 10 for Saturday only;  6 for Sunday only; and 6 people booked half day. There were InterPlayers from every state in Australia except WA; 2 from NZ and one from USA in addition to the US leaders.

 Program and Presenters 

Trish did a brilliant job of sourcing a mix of national and international leaders so the sessions both developed the theme incrementally and creatively, while stretching and growing our personal and community InterPlay experience. The feedback showed that those attending were both delighted and impressed: “woven like a beautiful tapestry”, “way beyond what was expected,” “deeply inspiring”.

I loved the topics, the timetabling of the program- incrementally built upon each session. I loved the diversity of speakers and the international connections. I felt I had a macroscopic sense of the IP community, its voices and agreed actions that could be taken as a result.  

Use of Zoom

Surprisingly for some people, the zoom experience was much better than anticipated and even enjoyable. One participant said: “it really feels like we ‘ve found a playful online groove.”  Due to COVID restrictions many people have become used to, and more comfortable with using zoom and can better induct those who might be using this medium for the first time. A number of suggestions for improvement were made, which have been noted for our next online event.

An opportunity to use Zoom in a beautiful creative way.”

 Saturday Program (9am - 5pm)

Welcome to & Acknowledgement of Country

Session 1- ‘The Play of Kindness and Compassion’– with Phil Porter & Cynthia Winton-Henry

Session 2- 'Smooth edges, soft touch’ - Creating space for ease and generosity- with Susanna Pain

Session 3- ‘How do we have kindness and compassion for the earth?” - with Susannah Eliott & Robert Stocks

Session 4 – ‘Gathering the Gems’- Trish Watts & Tony Hole

7.30-8.30pm Community Performance Night hosted by Mandy Price & Trish Watts

Sunday Program (9am - 5pm)

Storytelling from the Lands- Martin Kelly- Alice Springs

Session 1- Cynthia Winton-Henry & Phil Porter- (continued)

Session 2- ‘Here We Are’- from other to US!- with Soyinka Rahim & Coke Tani

Session 3- ‘Discovering Ourselves in Community’- the beauty of intergenerational friendship – with Simon Cox, Pemra Kahraman, & Georgia Shine

Final Session  ‘Appreciating the Gems’ -Trish Watts & Tony Hole