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The Board is wanting to employ Pemra Kahraman for 2 hours/week as community contact/event organiser with an estimated yearly cost of $3800. The purpose of the role would be to generate more events, increase the number of InterPlayers, and create a greater sense of connection within the InterPlay community.

Due to the lack of in- person events over the last few years our funds are not what they once were. Pemra’s proposed role involves creating and promoting more events which would improve our organisations financial position. We are however needing some help to get this off the ground. We are inviting you to support our fundraising drive. This may involve a one off donation or a monthly debit option.

If you have been a long time InterPlayer and have benefitted from being part of this wonderful community and are in a position to offer some financial assistance, this would be greatly appreciated.

How you can help:

Click One-Off Donation and then select your desired amount from the list;
or, if you can afford it:

Click Regular Donation and select the amount you would like to give.This will make your initial payment and then you can arrange a regular debit through your bank account or card to InterPlay Australia BSB 112-879, account 419 282 502.

Any donation will be gratefully received.

Any questions please email

Thank you

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