Worker Recognition

This document outlines InterPlay Australia’s policy on recognition of, reward and renumeration for volunteers and paid workers Volunteers By way of recognition and reward for volunteer contribution, we suggest initiatives including: InterPlay workshop discount Public acclamation (InterPlay workshop / Newsletter / eNews / Facebook) Mentoring / skills development Movie/book/iTunes voucher Bunch of flowers Personal messages […]Read more

Event Registration, Payments and Financial Assistance Guidelines

These Guideline aim to provide guidance for the national and local coordinators of InterPlay Australia (IPA) events in relation to the registration and payment procedures that are to be implemented for SummerPlay, Leader Training, Leaders Gathering, and Life Practice Program. Guidance is also provided for the InterPlay Australia Board and event coordinators in relation to […]Read more

Leaders Circle Policy

The Leaders Circle Policy sets out the requirements for and benefits of being a member of the Leaders Circle. Policy statement The Leaders Circle provides support for graduates of the Leader Training Program to invest in the ongoing development of the philosophy and practice of InterPlay through InterPlay Australia Inc. While Australia's Leaders Circle is […]Read more

Good Governance and Probity Principles

Corporate governance refers to the systems and processes put in place to control and monitor – or ‘govern’ – an organisation. Good governance is embedded in the good behaviour and the good judgement of those who are charged with running the organisation. Good governance can offer a number of important benefits for InterPlay Australia, including: […] Read more

Video of InterPlay in Performance: PRESENCE

​This video clip demonstrates just some of the ways InterPlay forms can be used in performance to nurture presence.Read more

InterPlay Australia Strategic Vision 2018-2022

InterPlay Australia is a vibrant, inclusive and evolving community that affirms and fosters the wisdom and creativity of the body through play. We seek to provide opportunities for individuals and groups to find a more expressive sense of wholeness, connection and joy.Read more

Billeting & Hosting Policy

Being hospitable to our InterPlay visitors. The InterPlay Australia Board recently developed a policy to assist with making arrangements to billet or host visiting InterPlayers who are running or attending workshops and gatherings. The policy applies to InterPlay Australia events but may also be adopted by InterPlay regional areas.     Purpose Where InterPlay Australia […]Read more

Photography, Video & Audio Recording, & Social Media Policy

Guidance on the taking and use of photos and video and audio recording at InterPlay events; and the use of social media This policy has been developed by the Board of InterPlay Australia to provide guidance on the taking and use of photos, and video or audio recording at InterPlay events; and the use of […]Read more

The Self at Hand – working with the Alexander Technique

What can collaboration and play between disciplines make possible for how we inhabit ourselves and engage in the world? Her hand is following my moving at the same time as it is supporting the quality of the connection between my head and my spine and the rest of my body. I’m aware that I have […]Read more

Soul Play Body Wisdom

Reflections from six weeks of play and focus sessions led by Biff Ward and Susanna Pain and Janet Hartmann 3DT! Ex Formation, Self talk, Acknowledgement, Godly pain and grief, Embracing in love. By Glenys   BODY WISDOM! What my mind says, is crap! Being in this moment! Acknowledge what there is! By Sybilla WITNESSING! Teaches […]Read more