Soul Play Body Wisdom

Reflections from six weeks of play and focus sessions led by Biff Ward and Susanna Pain and Janet Hartmann 3DT! Ex Formation, Self talk, Acknowledgement, Godly pain and grief, Embracing in love. By Glenys   BODY WISDOM! What my mind says, is crap! Being in this moment! Acknowledge what there is! By Sybilla WITNESSING! Teaches […]Read more

Video of InterPlay in Performance: POTENTIAL

This video clip demonstrates just some of the ways InterPlay forms can be used in performance to stimulate potentialRead more

Video of InterPlay in Performance: CONNECTION

Imagine how InterPlay can add joy and connection to your community!Read more

Playing Across Borders: InterPlay in a multicultural context

  SALAM! A Five Week Pilot Program at S.T.A.R.T.T.S. Auburn for Middle Eastern Women, May - June 2013 Facilitated by Trish Watts 14 women Pastries covered in sesame seeds chickpeas roasted green tea Animated voices laughter, nuts cracking “a party I say” “every day a party”- one woman cries A long table we sit around […]Read more

Body Contact Dance

Body Contact Dance - by Denise Dunbar-Winton (Interplay Sydney Intensive, Sept 2007) “Take a position…” I leaned into his shoulder with mine, “.. and .. hold.” Holding each other’s weight Our backs rolled together. My body sighed .. this is nice .. while my mind raced ahead ‘what next, what next, where to now, he’s […]Read more

A Dance Beginning with Masankho

A Beginning – A Session of Dance with Masankho Banda Arriving into bodies, moving and exploring Searching for graceful creation, co-creation, expression of a basic essence Bound together in a silent stillness A link of bodies; a container to hold the brewing emotion and rising kinetic energies For now just make a picture; images of […]Read more

Playfulness in InterPlay

I stood looking into a concrete enclosure housing three echidnas. The enclosure looked small, the sand and dead trees fake. It all seemed like a depressing attempt to cage an animal in an ‘appealing’ manner. My kids always want to look at the echidnas, whenever we go to a zoo it’s the one exhibition they […]Read more

InterPlay Terrifies Me!!!!!!!!!

INTERPLAY TERRIFIES ME!!!!!!!! by Rachel Crowley I accept the invitation to babble… “They really don’t tell you the truth of it do they? The princess is in her tower The gallant prince appears to escort her beyond the now into…................... Well, we assume happily ever after But ever after what? Nappies and dishes and sleepless […]Read more

A Brief Reflection on InterPlay in My Life

The discovery of InterPlay has been a journey of discovery which has led to healing, delight and joy (and some pain!) At the beginning of 1996, I participated in a workshop offered by the Institute for Theology and the Arts. I had just completed six years as a parish minister, and wanted, no, NEEDED, to […]Read more