Attendance of children at InterPlay events

This document outlines InterPlay Australia's policy on attendance of children at InterPlay events.

The intent of this policy is to ensure that a parent or carer is present and takes responsibility for the child at all times and therefore the duty of care remains almost entirely with the parent/carer. It also signals, both to leaders and to parents/carers, that the leader should be consulted in advance as to the involvement of a child and also that the leader always has the right to ask for a child to be removed if s/he becomes disruptive to the group.

Children are welcome and can be involved in any InterPlay event, so long as:

-the leader is consulted in advance and agrees to their presence, and where requested, to their involvement.
-the parent or carer is in attendance and takes responsibility for the child at all times.
-where the child becomes disruptive and the leader requests that s/he be withdrawn, the parent or carer will immediately withdraw the child.