Billeting & Hosting Policy

Being hospitable to our InterPlay visitors.

The InterPlay Australia Board recently developed a policy to assist with making arrangements to billet or host visiting InterPlayers who are running or attending workshops and gatherings. The policy applies to InterPlay Australia events but may also be adopted by InterPlay regional areas.




Where InterPlay Australia events (eg SummerPlay, Leaders Gathering, Life Practice Program or training/workshops), are attended and/or led by interstate/international InterPlayers, billeting and hosting visitors are significant ways that regional InterPlay groups can be welcoming and act in a spirit of generosity and hospitality. Billeting and hosting build relationships, and  are also convenient and low cost ways to support and accommodate our visitors.
This policy outlines InterPlay Australia’s approach to billeting and hosting. This policy applies to InterPlay Australia events but may also be adopted by InterPlay regional areas.

Policy statement

Event organisers may choose to facilitate a billet arrangement between visitors and their local InterPlay community. When arrangements need to be made for accommodating visiting leaders, hosting in a local InterPlayer’s home may be considered. Where billeting or hosting arrangements are made, it is important that the host and visitor clearly understand what is involved, and that each arrangement is suitable and agreed in advance.


During InterPlay events, local InterPlayers may billet visitors in an informal arrangement. Such arrangements may be individually negotiated or through a co-ordinator. The arrangement needs to work positively for both parties and can be re-negotiated at any time. Billeting generally includes the usual impacts of having a friend to stay – providing bed, meals and helping with transport. The person providing the billet will bear the costs of having someone to stay. The visitor may contribute food, help with meals, share transport, etc.


Hosting is considered a step on from billeting and requires more focused care. Often, this applies to overseas visitors. On top of ‘having a friend to stay’, hosts may be expected to provide or arrange all meals and transport. Hosts may also take their guest/s sightseeing or to regional events, or on occasion provide a meal for a number of people (as part of community building and developing a relationship with the leader). As there will be financial outlay involved, hosts may be reimbursed for reasonable costs from InterPlay Australia Board or their local InterPlay community.

Examples of reasonable claimable costs for hosting visiting leader(s) include:

  • Entry fees
  • Meals and coffees out
  • Food costs for larger gatherings
  • A contribution towards the general costs of hosting: transport, food, etc (up to $20 per day)

Re-imbursement procedure

When claiming from InterPlay Australia, email an itemised invoice to
Receipts are not required at this time but may be requested. When claiming from your local community, discuss with your Regional Contact.

Planning timeline

Event Organisers determine hosting and billeting needs
Appropriate InterPlayers approached by organiser to host visiting leader(s) (at least one month before event)
Billeting organiser -

  • determines the number of billets required
  • sends notice calling for billets
  • matches billets and visitors appropriately (at least one week before event)

Claims for reimbursements submitted to (within 2 weeks of event)

Download Billeting and Hosting Policy here.