Leaders Circle Policy

The Leaders Circle Policy sets out the requirements for and benefits of being a member of the Leaders Circle.

Policy statement

The Leaders Circle provides support for graduates of the Leader Training Program to invest in the ongoing development of the philosophy and practice of InterPlay through InterPlay Australia Inc. While Australia's Leaders Circle is based on our USA counterpart, it is totally independent and unique to the Australian context.

InterPlay Leaders are:

  • Trained in the philosophy and practices of InterPlay.
  • Empowered to be innovators and collaborators.
  • Connected and accountable to one another and the communities in which they lead.
  • Valued and supported by Regional Contacts and the InterPlay Committee and the communities they serve.

Membership of the Leaders Circle


Leader Circle membership is limited to graduates of the Leader Training Program (either the previous or current training programs) who have paid the relevant joining fee.

Membership is limited because:

  • It is recognition of the investment made by those who’ve undertaken the training program, and
  • It builds a network of mutual support and encouragement for graduates of the training program.


  • Eligibility to play, learn and celebrate with peers at the annual Leader’s Gathering. (An integral part of an ongoing support network and skills development for teaching and life.)
  • Eligibility to contribute to and vote at InterPlay Australia Inc Annual General Meeting (held at the annual Leaders Gathering).
  • Eligibility to stand for election to the Board of InterPlay Australia Inc (at the AGM).
  • Membership of InterPlay Australia Inc and thus the opportunity to influence the organisation’s future direction.
  • Access to member-only resources on both Australian and US websites.
  • Listing as a certified InterPlay Facilitator on the website (subject to criteria below)
  • Access to group rates for Public Liability Insurance negotiated by InterPlay Australia.
  • Regular Leaders Circle Newsletters
  • Inclusion of your classes in regional and/or national newsletters and on the website and Facebook page
  • Discount on registration cost for Leaders Gathering.

Members’ Liability (in accordance with the IPA Constitution)

The liability of a member of the association to contribute towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of the association or the costs, charges and expenses of the winding up of the association is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid by the member in respect of membership of the association


Annual Leaders Circle membership is set by the Board and is due in June each year.

Payment is through the Events page of this website.
Your contributions support the continued operation of InterPlay Australia in areas such as:

  • Website maintenance and development.
  • Administration and accounting costs
  • New InterPlay initiatives and community arts developmental projects

Public Liability Insurance

Anyone leading or teaching under the InterPlay brand is strongly advised to hold Public Liability Insurance as a duty of care towards teachers and participants and to meet legal obligations. It is also generally required to hire halls.

InterPlay Australia provides access to a policy for certified leaders and teachers who do not have their own insurance. The annual fee is in addition to the Leaders Circle membership fee. Rates are on a sliding scale according to the level of teaching and payment is through the Events page of this website.

Leaders can choose to have their own personal insurance.

InterPlay Australia recommends that at least one accredited teacher covered by insurance be in attendance when teaching or leading under the InterPlay Australia banner.

InterPlay Australia Facilitators

Recognition as an InterPlay Australia Facilitator is available to an IPA leader who:

  • Has had at least one year of teaching practice after graduating from The Leader Training Program
  • Is a member of the Leaders’ Circle and is covered with appropriate insurance.
  • Initiates or leads InterPlay classes and/or workshops on a regular basis, over and above facilitating play groups, OR facilitates workplace/community programs using mostly InterPlay processes
  • Demonstrates they are actively involved in, and promoting, InterPlay Australia, through listing of classes and/or workshops facilitated
  • Has their application approved by the Board of InterPlay Australia, against the above criteria.

A Facilitator application form is available from enquiries@interplayaus.com.au.au. The InterPlay Australia Board will review applications for approval and website listing.

Download Leaders Circle Policy here.
Download Worker Recognition Policy here.
View Interplay Australia's Constitution here.