Photography, Video & Audio Recording, & Social Media Policy

Guidance on the taking and use of photos and video and audio recording at InterPlay events; and the use of social media

This policy has been developed by the Board of InterPlay Australia to provide guidance on the taking and use of photos, and video or audio recording at InterPlay events; and the use of social media and other internet resources that relate in any way to InterPlay Australia, and its activities.

The policy applies to all InterPlay Australia members, employees and event participants.

Policy Statement

People participating in InterPlay Australia and its activities have a right to personal privacy, and the right to give or withhold consent to being photographed or otherwise recorded.

Participation in Interplay Australia events can be deeply personal and in order to provide a safe play space for participants the policy position is that photography or other recording of events does not occur unless express permission is sought from all participants, including workshop leaders.

The responsible and respectful use of cameras, digital recording devices, social media and other internet resources, provides opportunities for sharing information, and for promoting InterPlay.

InterPlay Australia believes that participation in online communities is a valuable means of sharing and communicating, and respects the rights of all individuals to create or participate in social networking, online publishing and online discussion.


Photography and other recording

Any person wishing to photograph or otherwise record any InterPlay activity or event will seek the permission of those present before taking photographs, videos or other recordings. This permission will be sought at the beginning of each and every session.

The person seeking permission will make clear the purpose of the recording and the use to which any photographs or recordings will be put. Images /recordings are not to be used for commercial purposes and use and disclosure will be limited to the InterPlay community.

If permission is granted the details of timing, place and duration will be clarified to the satisfaction of the participants. Permission can be withdrawn at any time.

A person may give consent to be photographed or recorded anonymously if possible, or without their face showing.

Social Media

In broad terms, social media includes all types of postings and/or interaction on the internet, including, but not limited to, social networking sites, (such as Facebook©, MySpace© or LinkedIn©), blogs, wikis, microblogs, (such as Twitter) message boards, chatrooms, electronic newsletters, online forums, and other sites and services that permit users to share information with others in present time; smartphone applications; and multimedia host sites such as YouTube© or Flickr©.

Information that is posted or published is widely accessible and may be public information for a long time. Individuals are not to publish, post or release any information that is considered confidential, intellectual property or not for public viewing. It is expected that individuals remember that even if they are posting online as a private person, all information is essentially in the public domain.

Personal information about any member of InterPlay Australia or other person associated with InterPlay is not to be posted, even if the person is not identified by name.

InterPlay Australia Website

The InterPlay Australia Website is the public face of the organisation and monitoring its content so that it reflects the organisation accurately and protects the reputation of InterPlay Australia is important.

Only authorised individuals may post on the website, and content relating to current InterPlay Australia Inc activities, calendars etc may be uploaded by any authorised person.

The content should always be directly related to InterPlay. The website should not be used to promote private causes, ventures, activities etc. All content must abide by applicable copyright laws.

Download a copy of this policy here.