Worker Recognition

This document outlines InterPlay Australia’s policy on recognition of, reward and renumeration for volunteers and paid workers


By way of recognition and reward for volunteer contribution, we suggest initiatives including:

  • InterPlay workshop discount
  • Public acclamation (InterPlay workshop / Newsletter / eNews / Facebook)
  • Mentoring / skills development
  • Movie/book/iTunes voucher
  • Bunch of flowers
  • Personal messages of noticing and thanks

Acknowledging people may like to be recognised and rewarded in different ways - depending on their personalities, past experience, personal values, current circumstances etc - a range of choices may be offered to individuals according to their preference / needs and the InterPlay community’s specific skill base.

Paid Workers

Sometimes InterPlay Australia will employ people to complete work the Board believes is necessary for the organisation to function efficiently (accounts, communications and marketing, web-site development and maintenance, and national coordination roles).

Sometimes those contributing to InterPlay workshop delivery may expect to be paid since participants have paid attendance fees.

The Board will designate which roles are voluntary and which are paid (see summary below).

Roles shall be scoped and documented in a role description.

The following criteria will be used to determine the roles, tasks and deliverables to be remunerated:

  • Are the duties covered by an Australian award?
  • Is there accountability, expectation of outcomes for InterPlay Australia?
  • Is it adding value for InterPlay Australia? and/or
  • Is it an event where previously organisers / facilitators were remunerated?
  • If there is no individual from the InterPlay community available and the work is specialised, an external contractor could be considered.

If these criteria are met, the pay-rate should comply with the applicable Australian Award or match the established custom and practice in the not-for-profit arts sector, or be the same as that paid to any other contract staff with IP Australia.

At times, paid roles may also be recognised and rewarded in the same ways suggested for volunteers.

Where a role is designated as paid, the worker(s) should be paid.

However, if a worker feels payment is unnecessary on a given occasion, there is the option to donate their pay back to the region or national organisation.

Policy Implementation Assistance

The InterPlay Australia Board can offer guidance, support or mentoring to regional leaders InterPlayers seeking assistance regarding effective methods to recognise and reward and nurture volunteers and workers if required. Please contact the Administration Coordinator ( ) in the first instance.

Life Membership

In addition to the recognition of people making a significant contribution to InterPlay Australia as detailed above, the Board may nominate people as Life Members of InterPlay Australia. These people will have:

  • Made a significant and on-going contribution to IPA at both regional and national levels;
  • Demonstrated a commitment to furthering the interests and objectives of IPA;
  • Have been involved with IPA for at least ten years consecutively, or cumulatively

Life membership will entitle the recipients to:

  • Free attendance and accommodation at Leaders Gatherings
  • Be presented with a Life Membership certificate.

Payment and discount summary

This is a short summary of current payments and discounts.
Other forms of affirmation or reward are not included here.

National Event Coordinator (SummerPlay, WinterPlay; other national event)Coordination of national and/or regional  events from Board initiative$300 for online; and/or $200 per regional location(face to face)

Role name Responsibilities Payment / Discount / Voluntary
Administration Coordinator Communications (see job description and contract) $35 p/h – 6 hours per week
Accounts Officer Bookkeeping, accounts, reports (see job description and contract) $35 p/h - 2 hours a week
Company as per contract (Killian Web Development) Website hosting & maintenance Scheduled fees
Company as per contract Digital Strategy and Social Media Marketing Scheduled fees
Accountant Prepare annual financial statement; prepare & lodge tax return Scheduled fees
Local or regional contact/s / Organisers

As above & InterPlay community members

Coordinate and organise workshops, play groups, special occasions, etc

Build local communities

Up to regions to decide



Leader/facilitator/teacher Local or regional events, workshops, classes. Depends on region but workshop leaders usually paid locally. Rates set locally.
Local or regional Co-ordinator for SummerPlay Coordinate SummerPlay locally where there is a face to face event One ticket offered by Board to be allocated by Region
SummerPlay workshop Leader/facilitator/teacher Lead SummerPlay workshops, sessions International rate:

Senior US leaders (Phil Porter; Cynthia Winton-Henry; Agnotti Cowie) up to $US200/hour

Other international presenters:$US120 per hour (or otherwise negotiated)

National rates See below

Airfares and small living expenses allowance also covered

PAY-RATE GUIDE (Agreed 2022)
Standard workshops/classes or sessions(face to face or online)
$120 per hr 1 facilitator
 2 leaders = $90/hour each
3 leaders = $60/hour each
Event facilitation on the day of the event MC/Host holding day or event together $35 per hour
IT Tech support person Person controlling internet platform/breakout rooms, trouble shooting etc $35 per hour
National Event Coordinator (SummerPlay; WinterPlay; other national event) Coordination of national and /or regional events from Board initiative. $300 for online; and/or $200 per regional location (face to face)

Leaders Gathering

Leaders Gathering local organisers Organising; logistics

Individual or group

One ticket offered by Board to be allocated by organising group

Leaders Gathering Program planners

Program planning group One ticket offered by Board to be allocated by program planning group
Leaders Gathering

session leaders/teachers

Lead session/s No payment, no discount
Leaders Circle Coordinator Voluntary
Leaders Circle Members Pay registration fee Leaders Circle member $20 discount for Leaders Gathering
Board Members Board activities Voluntary
Life Practice Program Organiser $30/participant enrolled
Life Practice Program Facilitator $100 per hour led for one facilitator

$75 per hour each for 2 facilitators

$50 per hour each for 3 facilitators*

Leader Training Program Organiser $30/participant enrolled
Leader Training Program Facilitators $100 per hour led for one facilitator

$75 per hour each for 2 facilitators

$50 per hour each for 3 facilitators*

InterPlayers Assistance to attend InterPlay events (see also Event Registration & Payment Policy) Informal or ad hoc arrangements by local/regional group for

-       Concession discounts

-       Special discounts

-       Subsidies/scholarships

Other? Requests can be made to the Board where an Individual believes he or she should be rewarded financially for their IP work.

*Flexibility is possible with these pay rates to accommodate senior/trainee facilitators

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