Body Contact Dance

Body Contact Dance - by Denise Dunbar-Winton (Interplay Sydney Intensive, Sept 2007)

“Take a position…”
I leaned into his shoulder with mine, “.. and .. hold.”
Holding each other’s weight
Our backs rolled together.
My body sighed .. this is nice ..
while my mind raced ahead
‘what next, what next, where to now,
he’s young and strong and very fit,
will he be content to suffer my hesitation, my fears, my phobias, will I have to lay my body over his,
let him lift me off the ground,
leap about, will male testosterone
rape my senses and leave me
feeling powerless and old and done over ...?’
With my eyes closed tight, my mind stilled. What I cannot see, I will not fear.
So blind,
My body moved with his,
Unchecked hands touched unseen skin As I slid, down to the floor.
We rolled, together, apart
Bumped into other bodies,
The music filled my ears
And the strength of his hands felt secure. Then I knew,
I was safe.
This is fun, I like this.
I can look now and witness
This body,
My energy with his energy.
Our eyes met, they smiled
And mirrored his feelings, one with mine.
And gave permission to push beyond, Break down some walls,
Grip, pull, move apart yet stay connected. Take my weight and lift me high,
Bold, excited, taking chances, I am alive, I am alive!
My body bends
then takes his weight And arches into his.
Is this me?
I’ll pay tomorrow,
But NOW is all there is!
Too soon, the music slows, Our bodies relax into one shape And breathless
With heads together
We laugh,
Our souls have danced.